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Who are we?
Whether you are an individual or a business, you can come to us for a wide range of legal support. We have been providing support since 1968. Our lawyers have vast experience and expertise in general law.

Alien law, (international) persons and family law, criminal law
Aside from civil, administrative and criminal cases in the broadest sense of the words, our lawyers also specialise in a number of specific legal areas: alien law (asylum, regular and nationality issues), TBS (involuntary commitment) cases, hand-over and extradition¬cases, youth¬criminal law and also personal and family law (including child-abduction and divorce with international private law aspects), psychiatric patient law and social security law.

Need help or advice: come to Jap-A-Joe
It is clear that the expertise within the practice is valued across many legal areas. Both private individuals and businesses come to our offices to ask for legal help or advice. Do you need assistance or advice? Then don't hesitate to knock at our door!

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