Jap-A-Joe Lawyers, known throughout Utrecht (Netherlands)

Get to know the lawyers at Jap-A-Joe
Our four lawyers are:
• Mr. H.K. Jap-A-Joe
• Mr. F. Jansen
• Mr. H.S.K. Jap-A-Joe
• Mr. M.J.A. Bakker

Top quality law services
We are well known for the high quality of the services we provide. We also pay a great deal of attention to training and developing our employees. One or more of our lawyers is also a member of specialist associations, including the legal support in alien law cases, the Dutch Association of Criminal Lawyers) the Utrecht criminal law working group and the Utrecht psychiatric patient law working group.

Would you like further information?
If you require any legal support from our office, please contact us by phone or send your (legal) question to info@japajoe.nl.
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